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We deliver 3 different one day courses at Pool Cottage (the home of the Dizzy Pig). Each course is limited to a maximum of 6 people in order to personalise your day with us and is practical in its delivery as we believe that we all learn from doing. Details of the courses can be found below:

Pool Cottage Smallholding, Dizzy Pig, Dizzy Pig Brewing
Pool Cottage Smallholding, Dizzy Pig, Dizzy Pig Brewing

Our Events and Courses.



Pre Dizzy Pig Events

We have always tried to enjoy ourselves whilst living on our smallholding and it was this outlook that ultimately lead to the Dizzy Pig. Long before Dizzy Pig Brewing was even thought of, we had been entertaining and hosting local events for our community. Many of these were informal, some were a little more organised, but with our tongues firmly in our cheeks. You can read about some of our early "Festivals" on the Pre Dizzy Pig Events page, or by clicking on the picture link.

Dizzy Pig Events

Following the rise of Dizzy Pig Brewing and the creation of the Dizzy Pig pub, we have held many "pub nights" were friends and family have wandered in and enjoyed a great evening of drinking and gossiping. Each new ale has been eagerly anticipated and thoroughly tested. Neighbours now pass by and ask "when is the Dizzy open?" or "what is the latest ale?" Often, we invite them in on the spot and they soon find out what the latest ale is! Find out more about Dizzy Pig Events by clicking on the picture below.

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